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IT Enterprise Systems Management Consultancy

With nearly 40 years' experience in the computer industry, 20 of which in a senior capacity advising large organisations around the world on how to automate problem and change management, Andronicos is a leading expert in this field, and particularly in managing IT help desks and customer support centres.

For many years IBM commissioned Andronicos to train their consultants and to advise its external customers. He was considered a leading European expert in customising and implementing IBM's InfoMan systems management software. To request a review of how to improve Service Desk automation in European based organisations, using ITIL best practice and Pink Verify Enhanced software, please visit the infraWise/IRC Group of Companies website.

European IRC and iWise Software Support

Technical support for IRC software, iWise, Tivoli, and IBM's InfoMan software and can be found via the infrawise website. Use this link to commission short and long term consulting projects in Europe by our team of ITIL specialists, and to find out more about 24x7 outsourcing for these software products, a very cost effective solution to Enterprise Systems Software and Service Desk support needs.

Azam Software

Andronicos is the inventor of the Azam software product and Heads the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) on behalf of Azam International Technologies, aiming to bring this empowering software free of charge to those who need it most. Azam software is a one stop communication tool and the only PC software in the world with all the features listed below in one product:

  • Audio recording to PC of phone calls, meetings, diaries and voice emails. The actual voices!
  • Animated GIFs or digital pictures to make the recordings come to life on playback. 
  • Store, manage, index and email audio recordings.
  • Plan meeting agendas and create index tracks for easy identification on playback.
  • Convert audio recordings from and to OGG, WAV, WMA, MP3 files and play on most CD players.
  • An amazing 90% compression to save on disc space and make sending faster. A one hour recording, fully indexed, is sent in less than a minute.
  • Text to speech, with experimental text language translation, so Azam can 'speak' your translated document in a foreign language prior to emailing.
  • Compressed video email and video clip management.
  • Special effects, such as voice morphing.