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Corporate Humour by ADZ

Aardvark, Dean and Zed (ADZ) provides organisations with something quite unique: humour for the corporate world from people who talk their language, the language of sales, marketing, PR, HR, ITC, training, lecturing, speech writing, business management and commerce.

Andronicos is in charge of writing, directing production and all final ADZ deliverables. His team of hand-picked humour consultants are, or have been, senior managers. Dean has a wonderful portfolio of tribute characters to liven up an event or corporate message, such as Ali G, Ozzy Osbourne, Harry Enfield and Little Britain personalities. For more information about ADZ and Dean Taylor, please check out

Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation services)

Andronicos is accredited by the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regents College London. He and his associates provide mediation and conflict resolution services. As well as traditional, face-to-face mediation, Andronicos is researching the feasibility of remote mediation, using technology to communicate remotely, rather than in person, as a way to resolve disputes. Since this is a research project, there is no fee involved, but if a dispute is resolved that would otherwise have taken a lot of time and cost a lot in legal fees, a donation to the Azam Disabilities Initiative is gratefully appreciated.