Kristian: the extraordinary football supporter

Kristian, Andronicos' oldest child, is a young man with severe disabilities, including autism, and an amazing gift: an almost photographic memory for football (soccer) statistics, maps, birthdays and popular music. After you have watched this moving, inspirational 7 minute film clip, Kristian would love an email from you!

Kristian would love to get an email from people in as many cities and countries as possible! Email via the contact page, and include ‘Kristian’ in the subject line, and don't forget to tell him where you live!

Additional information

The film was shot in London on the day the 2006 World Cup started in Germany: June 9th. It was sent to the English Football Association to inspire the players, who sent a lovely response back. 

It was inspired by Desmond Lynam's excellent rendition of Rudyard Kipling's 'If' to the music of Pavane by Faure, and was produced and directed by Andronicos with a budget of less than $1000!

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