Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI)

AZAM is a software product invented by Andronicos originally for business use, that was found also to help the disabled communicate more easily. Andronicos set up and heads the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) on behalf of Azam International Technologies, which provides the Azam software free of charge to persons with disabilities, via registered charities and government authorities.

ADI's research includes the use of Azam technology to address speech challenges and in assisting medical recovery in coma victims. For further information, please visit the Azam website and the ADI section. Here you can also view Andronicos' presentation of ADI and Azam to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) gathering hosted by edc in London in 2005. 

Cyprus Samaritans

Andronicos and his family are active supporters of Cyprus Samaritans. Cyprus Samaritans was established in 1997 and is affiliated to the International Network of Befrienders Worldwide which operates in 38 countries over 6 continents. While it is not part of Samaritans UK, it is run by them and works to the same practices and on the same principles. Cyrpus Samaritans' training methods and materials are also based on those used in the UK.

The Robin Hood System

Robin Hood is Andronicos' non profit patent to harvest corporate late payment surcharges for worthy causes globally and to subsidise personal taxation.